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Random Life Tips

This is a tiny post with an assortment of life tips. I use these every day, and I've had enough people express amazement at some of these that I decided to write them up and share them. I'll try to come back here and add to the list once in a while.

  1. Hold your keys in your left hand while closing your front door. You will never be locked out again.
  2. Learn the Ian Knot - the fastest method for tying shoelaces. It's so fast you can tie it mid-step.
  3. Practice deterministic thinking - think where you would put that things when searching, look there. If you find yourself consistently checking the second place you think to look, move the thing there instead.
  4. When you're in an unfamiliar car and don't know which side has the gas tank, look at the gas icon. There's an arrow on one side pointing to the correct side.
  5. Keep a water bottle by your bedstand - you'll find it empty without remembering you drank in the middle of the night.
  6. Turn on your oven light when your oven is on. Only turn off the light when you take out your food and turn off the oven. This way, you can tell from far away if you left your oven on.