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Jump Start a Car When Alone

Earlier this year, I took a 6 month road trip through most of America. You can see the path I took on https://ivans.io/visited-states/.

While on that epic adventure, I had my car battery die on me a few times. Once it was due to the cold, and the other few times were due to vampire power draw by my dashcam. This is a common problem with newer cars. There are so many smart systems and electronics which are always online that the battery simply can't keep up.

There exist portable batteries that are specifically rated to jump start a car. This is really nice, as you don't have to deal with the cables, find another car, or lose time waiting for rescue.

I don't plan to have referral links on my blog, so I am simply sharing the product that I use. I picked the DBPOWER 1000A battery from amazon:


It has worked well for me, but YMMV. Please do your own research.