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Poem of Balance

I am the waves between the atoms
Timeless, peaceful, oneness
Orthogonal observation of string theory is
The fabric of universal sound
In the stillness of the cosmos, I find my breath
A dance of particles, a sacred, silent truth
Interwoven threads of light and shadow
Echoing the rhythm of existence
In each moment, the essence of creation
Harmonious frequencies of life and void
Infinite patterns, woven by the cosmic loom
Resonating with the pulse of the divine
Beyond the veil of form and matter
Lies the essence of pure being
A boundless sea of consciousness
Where every wave is born and dies
Balance is the art of the universe
A symphony of chaos and order
In the heart of every heartbeat
In the breath of every star
In meditation, I touch the eternal
A fragment of the infinite
The dance of atoms and the song of strings
Whispering secrets of the sacred balance

Ivan Smirnov, 2024